GZigZag Documentation

HTML docs

The HTML documents are given in two formats: one that uses CSS floats for figures, and another that is compatible with e.g. Netscape 4. NOTE: if you are not using Mozilla, you're probably best off using the non-float-CSS versions: The CSS versions are much prettier - I recommend using Mozilla; it's getting to be stable enough for real use now.

If there are any inaccuracies with this documentation, or if anything is unclear, PLEASE report this to me at lukka@iki.fi.

Short title NS4-compatible Description
User's guide here A user's guide to GZigZag: contains screenshots. Shows how to operate the current prototype.
GZigZag: CyberText platform here GZigZag: a platorm for [HC]y[pb]ertext experiments, intended for eventual publication in the Cybertext Yearbook edited by Markku Eskelinen & Raine Koskimaa. This is a recommended introduction to the general idea of what GZigZag is all about. Also contains a glossary explaining the strange words like flob or permascroll that you may encounter on this site.
GZigZag glossary here Short explanations of the central concepts around GZigZag.
Gentle Introduction to the structure here A gentle introduction to the ZigZag structure. Concerned with the abstract structure and designing good representations of things using it. Very much work in progress.