On reporting bugs

If you find a problem in GZigZag, we would like to hear about it.

The way to inform us of a problem in GZigZag is reporting a bug. You can do this using your web browser as described below. But please follow the following instructions first.

On making a good bug report

First of all, see if you can reproduce that bug. This means that you should be able to list the actions required to trigger the bug again. We love bug reports that have precise (and preferably simple) instructions for reproducing the bug, but if you can't reliably reproduce the bug, report it anyway and tell us that you can't reproduce it reliably.

Then, look at the first line(s) of output that your GZigZag client prints out, before it opens any windows. They should look roughly like this:

Starting gZigZag client, build: Official 0.5.1 (without modules)
or like this:
Starting gZigZag client, build: Official Debian package version 0.5.1-1
or like this:
Starting gZigZag client, build: Official CVS snapshot 2000-08-10T19:17:01Z
(without modules)
or like this:
Starting gZigZag client, build: Custom CVS Build 2000-08-08T12:35:25Z
by ajk@musti
The specifics of those lines will vary but the general format is the same. You should copy these lines precisely into your bug report so we know which version you are using. (If you have made local changes to the sources, please tell us about them too.) Then, if you have any ideas on the cause or a possible fix for the bug, include them in your bug report.

How to report the bug

First, check if the bug you've found is already reported. There is a list of known bugs in GZigZag; check that list first.

We recommend that you log in to SourceForge before submitting your bug. It will allow you to get email notifications about our activities regarding the bug report. If you do not have a SourceForge account, you can create one. You can report bugs even without a SourceForge account, but then you will not get any emails about your bug.

When you've checked that the bug is not in the bug list (and you have logged in if you want to do that), go to the bug reporting page. For now, ignore the category and bug group items. Write a one-line summary of the problem in the Summary text box. Then write a detailed account of the problem in the Details text box. Finally, press the Submit button.