It has been brought to my attention that sourceforge pages don't work well with the software of a certain monopolistic monster company. While they are fixing this problem, I'm going to provide a copy of their CVS instructions page here.

This page also contains information about the daily autogenerated source snapshots and snapshot builds.

As a rule, we're not giving developer (write) access to anyone without a very specific reason - instead, you should send patches against the current CVS version to Tuomas Lukka at lukka@iki.fi for inclusion. Even better, contact him (me) before patching to make sure your intentions are in line with ours: GZigZag is not like any other software system and we want to make sure it stays a coherent whole.

Anonymous CVS Access

This project's SourceForge CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. The module you wish to check out must be specified as the modulename. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gzigzag.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gzigzag login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gzigzag.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gzigzag co modulename

Updates from within the module's directory do not need the -d parameter.

Developer CVS Access via SSH

Only project developers can access the CVS tree via this method. SSH1 must be installed on your client machine. Substitute modulename and developername with the proper values. Enter your site password when prompted.

export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -z3 -ddevelopername@cvs.gzigzag.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gzigzag co modulename

Browsing the CVS tree at sourceforge

Browsing the CVS tree gives you a great view into the current status of this project's code. You may also view the complete histories of any file in the repository.

Note that this may also not work if the rest of the sourceforge secure pages do not work for you.